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Time zone: Slovakia uses Central European Time (CET) along with other central European countries (Czech Republic, Germany, France, Poland and Italy. It is GMT+1 hour (London), EST+6 hours (New York) PST+9 hours (Los Angeles)

Mobile telephones work normally in Slovakia
Local: Most public phones require telephone cards, which can be purchased at post offices, railway stations, department stores, kiosks and hotels. OR use coins.
International: The country code 421, then the local number.

Slovakia uses the Euro as its national currency.

Money Exchange:
The most convenient way of accessing cash is to use an ATM (BANKOMAT). Most Slovak ATMs belong to one of the major international banking systems such as MasterCard, VISA, Plus, Maestro or Cirrus.

Credit Cards:
EuroCard/MasterCard is accepted at most financial institutions. Banks also accept VISA, American Express, although travelers cheques are not universally accepted. International hotels also accept most major credit cards.

Shopping hours:
Most establishments are open between 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., but some take lunch breaks. Many banks close at 3:30 p.m. On Saturdays, most stores close by noon, and few are open on Sundays.

Voltage & Adaptors:
220 volts / 50 Hz. Slovakia uses the standard continental European “europlug”, the same as found in Germany, France, etc.

Visa requirements:
Visas are not required by most European and U.S. citizens for short stays.

Tourism Services:
Slovakoturist: (42-7) 335-722
Bratislava Information Service (42-7) 333-715. (42-7) 334-370

Jan. 1 New Year’s Day
Jan. 6 The Three Wise Men
April 8 Easter Sunday
May 1 May Day
July 5 Introduction of Christianity
Aug. 29 Slovak National Uprising of 1944
Sept. 1 Constitution Day
Sept. 15 St Maria’s Day
Nov. 1 All Saints Day
Dec. 24, 25, 26 Christmas Holiday Break

Average temperatures:
Slovakia enjoys a moderate continental climate. The weather is sunny in spring and fall, with temperatures between 10º and 20º. Temperatures average in the 20ºs in summer. Winter temperatures average around 0º.

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