phesant iconGetting There

From North America:

To Vienna or Budapest

Austrian Airlines
American Airlines
Air France

To Ostrava (via Prague)

Czech Airlines

From the UK:

To Budapest Just under two hours by road from Chateau Bela

British Airways

To Vienna About 2 1/2 hours by road to Chateau Bela

British Airways (Heathrow)
Austrian Airlines

As always please speak to the Airlines about each specific trip and the rules and regulations concerning the transport of firearms. There are specific rules about flying through the UK. We recommend that hunters coming from the USA do not fly through Britain unless they already have a UK Gun permit or are happy to arrange a gun agent to facilitate the transfer.

Note: Book well in advance and save money.
Transport will be arranged to greet guests at either airport and take them to their Chateau. Those arriving in the afternoon will have time before dinner to unpack, stroll around the grounds, have a drink and/or use the spa facilities.
For your return, transport will be arranged to transfer you to your chosen airport in good time for check-in.

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