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We have an abundance of wildlife throughout a diverse selection of natural reserves so typical for Slovakia. Large forest areas offer an ideal habitat for big game animals such as Red Deer, Wild Boar, Roe Deer, Fallow Deer and Mouflon. In the mountainous East of the country we can also offer stalking for the elusive Tatra Chamois.

We possess the rights to numerous hunting estates as well as private reserves. These average 3500 acres of woodland. We offer a tailor-made adventure which combines forest harmony with the most exciting of hunting experiences. These are based in a combination of private tracts of land, with some well-placed high seats and some fantastic stalks. Our English speaking professional guides will assist you throughout.

Our shoots are done traditionally. Depending on the quarry and the season, we hunt twice a day. At a pre-arranged time after a leisurely breakfast, you will be collected by your guide for the morning’s hunt. Afterwards he will bring you back for lunch as well some well earned time for ‘r & r’, before the evening’s hunt. A delicious hot supper will be waiting for you, when you return, exhausted but exhilarated after having experienced some of the best shooting in Europe.

Hunting Seasons:

Hunting period: 1st August – 31st December
(until 31st January in game preserves)

Hunting Period: 16th July to 31st December
(until 31st January in game preserves)

Hunting period (buck): 16th May – 30th September

Hunting period (stag): 16th August – 15th January

Hunting period (stag): 1st September – 15th January
(until 31st January in game preserves)

Hunting period: November-December (licence available only in December)

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